Cathod 308 Epabx

Cathod 308 Epabx

Cathod 308 Epabx - DID with Music *95 Code locking with area code *Remote maintenance *External Call diverter *Door Phone *Conference 3 Party *Call waiting Call Splitting *Global Memory Call transfer *Call pickup *Auto call back on transfer *3 party conference

*Paging port * Remote maintenance *In built Ups (Battery Optional) *Extension Display Status *Call Privacy *Call Transfer *Call hold *Call hold *Call pickup one touch *Call barge In with without tone *Extension call forwarding *Call Follow me *Call Splitting *Auto call back on busy Extension

*Central memory dial with allow/disallow *Outgoing Call restriction provision for each level of protection for outgoing call such as ISD/STD/95 & Local/only local/95 table and local/outgoing restriction with central memory allow and complete outgoing restriction *paging distinctive ringing

*Hotline Extension *Access to trunck call waiting *last number redial one touch *one touch operator access *Auto call back on transfer *tone pulse programmbale *DID on Incomming *External call divert *External music *Selective trunk access *Hotline Extension/door phone *Remote maintenance & programming *Emergency Cool Consult *195 Volt. to Backup 3Hrs. (single battery 12 Volt 7 Ah)

SKU: C308
Brand: Cathod Technology